Always doing something

Rylee seems to be always doing something that results in her getting hurt or in trouble. Yesterday, I got her out of the bath and put on her diaper. Then I went to get her sister out of the bath. As I was sitting there talking to Addy, Rylee followed me into the bathroom carrying her "baby" (her cabbage patch baby doll). It took her no time at all to throw her doll into the bath. I hurried and grabbed the baby out and Rylee started to cry because I took the baby out. So I quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped her baby up just like I do Rylee after her bath and handed her the baby. She was satisfied and walked into her room carrrying the doll saying "diaper, diaper, diaper." (Acuatually ipper, ipper, ipper)

This was for Natalie, thanks for the cabbage patch dolls at each of my girls first birthdays. They both still play with them all the time. Rylee's is very nice and clean and Addyson's has lipstick all over it that I can't get off because about a year and a half ago she was really quiet so I went to find her and she was "putting makeup on" for her baby (literally). THANKS! If you have a girl I might have to carry on the tradition.


Better late than never. . . Bear Lake

The last week in June we went to Bear Lake with Bryan's family, it was a ton of fun. We stayed at the KOA in Garden City. The KOA was an awesome place to stay. They had flush toilets, showers, cabins or campsites, a pool, mini golf, ping pong, pool, hay rides, and a little convenience store. This is the cabin that my family stayed in.

Addy loved hanging out with her Aunt Alisha, she thought that she was as old as Alisha.
This is her VERY mature aunt teaching her how to walk and dance like a chicken. She also taught her how to walk like a gangly looking dinosaur!

The delightful "hayride" went around the campground. It was actually lots of fun. They even stopped and asked historical questions about Bear Lake and gave away candy if you knew the answers.

We had fun playing at the park

Such an accomplishment, Addy is scared of heights.

We had fun playing mini golf. Addy tried hard to do her best, if she didn't think her best was good enough she would pick up her ball and put it where she wanted it. In the mean time Rylee was picking up every one elses golf balls and putting them in the hole for us. I ended up with many "hole-in-ones".

Grandma Keisel helping Rylee

We were each in charge of decorating a hiking stick. I think that Addyson's turned out the best. Both girls had a TON of fun painting them although Rylee's jelly shoes still have green paint on them. Mine was also pretty amazing, I have googly eyes all over my stick because it is my "all seeing" stick. Just holler if you need to know your future.

All of the pictures from the beach (including my gigantic sand turtle) are still with Bryan's parents because of course I forgot to take my camera! I will try and post them later.

Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa Keisel, this trip was a lot of fun. Our whole family really enjoyed it.

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July everyone! We had a great 4th. We went to my parent's and went swimming, roasted hot dogs, and watched fireworks. Then we headed towards home and watched Hooper's fireworks before coming home. Once again I uploaded all the pictures backwards and don't want to deal with it, sorry.

I was impressed, Hooper's show was 30 minutes long. They were pretty good.

An great picture of a fountain taken by my wonderful husband.

The kids LOVED the fireworks but they ABSOLUTELY loved when it was their turn to pick the next firework.

Who doesn't love a good sparkler.

Our pyrotechnician

Rylee's expression EVERY TIME I point the camera in her direction

Notice Rylee's expression

Playing with snappers waiting for the sun to go down.

I LOVE the cabin!

First off- THANKS mom and dad for letting me hitch a ride to the cabin with my girls while Bryan stayed home and worked. We had a ton of fun.
One of the mornings this mommy moose and baby were licking the salt lick. The baby was SO small. Sorry the pictures are crappy I was taking them through the window so I didn't scare them away.

How tender. . . Sisters holding hands walking together.
(yes I told Addy to hold her hand so I could get a picture :( )

Addyson loves going in the outhouse. Rylee loves wondering down the path and bothering whoever is in the outhouse.

While we were there we moved the fire pit and put pavers around it. Doesn't it look nice.

Addy always had to make sure Grandpa's tractor was clean.

It was so nice when Addyson would sit and push Rylee, they would both sit and be entertained for a long time.

Addy helped us clear all of the little tree starts out of the clearing in front of the cabin.

What's camping without a treat. Rylee LOVES her oreos.

I think every Rhino ride ends in a nap. Don't worry- Rylee is still alive although it looks like she couldn't breathe.

Rylee sweeping the dirt, what a helper.

The girls helping Grandma, we pulled up the old deck while we were there so that we can build a new one this summer.