Happy Birthday Addy!

Thank you for such a great year! You are always so much fun (even your tantrums are cute, yet annoying). I love when you dress up and go around the house and talk to all of your imaginary friends.

You are very good at making messes but you are even better at helping to clean them up. I love when you help me clean around the house.

You are always up to something.

Thank you for enjoying your bed. I love when you tell me you are tired and next thing I know you are asleep, with your reading light on, with a book in your hands. Thanks for being such a good sleeper, it definitely hasn't always been this way.

Sorry this picture is sideways! I am VERY excited to have a Lightning McQueen birthday party tonight! I hope you like your cake, my hand still has a cramp from decorating it.
**If any of you beside Addy read this**
Last night while I was decorating the cake Addy informed me that she didn't want Lightning McQueen spikey (w/a star tip) and that I didn't know how to make birthday cakes. She went downstairs and asked Bryan to come up and make her a cake because mommy didn't know how :( I was very sad especially because I thought the cake looked pretty good myself. )

I can't believe that you are three already. It seems like just the other day you were the size of Rylee, crawling around and eating everything that you see. Thanks for being such a good sister and great daughter.