Our First Dance Recital... What a Treat!

Addy was LOTS of fun to watch at her recital. During the dress rehearsal she did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Her teacher even went up on the stage and tried to get her to dance. I was laughing so hard I couldn't even hold the camera. At one point her hat was bugging her so she took it off and came and handed it to me on the edge of the stage. Then on her way back she tripped over her neighbors tea cup and saucer and broke it. Between breaking tea cups and using her neighbors tea cups- I think she managed to make 3 out of 8 girls cry during one little dance. She had two recitals that were exactly the same. She did a little of the dance the first night and even more of the dance the second night. If she would have had about ten recitals we might have seen her do the entire dance seeing how much she improved each night. Of course there are MANY other things I would rather do than sit through a dance recital. Thanks to all of the family that came and supported Addy, she really LOVED having you see her dance (or stand there).