We Are Ready For Summer!

We are so excited for summer! We love to eat watermelon, corn on the cob and go swimming. I think Addy is the most excited for watermelon season.


Where are the instructions?

I wish that children came with instructions, life would be a lot easier. Addyson was doing pretty good about going on the potty until Rylee was born. It has just been downhill since then. I talked to a friend and she said that when her son pooped in his pants she made him clean it out and it took just a couple times and he was done having accidents. Sounded good, I thought I would try.
Addyson had an accident tonight so I decided to make her clean out her underwear. I made her swish them around in the toilet. As she was doing this, I was telling her how disgusting it was and dry heaving, trying to make her sick. As I did this, she proceeded to laugh at me and swish her underwear. I asked her if it was making her sick and she said, "Mommy, you are sick, not me."
Obviously we are going to have to try something else because she seemed to enjoy swishing her little princess underwear. She also seemed to enjoy my performance as she was swishing.