Wow! I am a HORRIBLE blogger!

As you can obviously tell, I have not been a very diligent blogger lately. I am so sorry (if anybody actually reads this). I have been a litte busy getting back into the swing of things with starting work. Before I went back to work I was trying to get Rylee into the habit of not nursing between 8-4 (ya right). I was also trying to get everything caught up in my house so that I wasn't so stressed when I came home at night. But, I ended up going back to work with Rylee on cereal (2 months early) since she won't take a bottle, my house is finally clean today after I have been back to work for a week and a half, and Addyson is loving all of the attention from Grandma and Daddy (her babysitters). Starting Monday I will be on my part-time schedule so I will only have to work 2 or 3 days a week. I am so excited! I have a wonderful teaching partner, I really think that we are going to have a fun year together. She is willing to do some silly things with me so that will be nice. These lovely pictures are for our job chart (hopefully you don't care that I posted these Deana).

We have also been having a ton of fun with our girls! Rylee is getting to a really fun age. She loves to laugh and is very smiley. She really enjoys when her sister is playing with her and not smothering her.

Addy loved eating a frosting apple that a student gave me at back to school night.

Rylee's new favorite things are her ten cute little chubby toes. Everytime I set her down she starts gnawing at her toes, good thing she doesn't have any teeth.

Also, I wanted to thank my wonderful BUNCO buddies. I had so much fun playing bunco the other night (not just because I won). Thanks for letting me join your little group!