The other peeping Tom during my shower

Santa going to the bathroom. This is incase he has to take a potty break at our house. I am supposed to leave the shower curtain open so he can see it and laugh. Yes, the big circle with a line through it would be his rear end. Addy informed me that Santa is fat so he has a really big bum!

Those were the days...

When I didn't have to shower with a GIGANTIC picture of Addy staring at me the whole time. Kind of an uncomfortable feeling. Yet, I am impressed with Addyson's artistic abilities.


Tis the season

This pile of stuffed animals is ridiculous!! So, to help take care of some of the clutter we talked our girls into donating a bunch of stuffed animals to the less fortunate. I am so grateful for this time of year and love when my girls enjoy doing different forms of service.


I really do feed my children

You would think I don't ever! Seems like all they do is sneak food!


Goodnight Rylee

Rylee promised she wasn't tired and wanted to read one more book. This is what she looked like less than five minutes later, snoring like crazy!

We love having girls!

Girls with lots of curiosity and lots of hair. Poor Addy! This picture is after a half hour of Bryan trying to untangle it. I honestly don't even know how she did it.



My kids LOVE going out to this little place in Hooper and picking their own pumpkins out of the pumpkin patch. $5 an armful!! What a deal.


From piles to organized in no time!

I was so tired of all of my girls school papers and stuff all over my counter so I decided we needed a change. I saw something like this at a neighbors and decided that I needed something like that to organize everything so here you go!


First days of school!

They are super excited for kindergarten and "kiddy" garten preschool.


Happy 24th!

We enjoyed the longest parade ever on the 25th. We went to Ogden's parade since my mom help with their ward float. The float was great, the parade was hot but it was fun.



Addy loves putting on her own makeup, I don't understand the blue nose but she thinks she looks beautiful.



Who doesn't enjoy frosting and eating cookies!



Rylee has finally decided that she wants to learn to write real letters not scribbles, five minutes later she did this by herself. Absolutely no help, not even with what letter comes next. Hip hip hurray!


Towers are built...

Towers are built, cannons created, bombs stock piled, and they are ready to go! The war is ready to begin, I wonder which fort will withstand the pressures of war.


Stuck for good!

This would be Addy screaming because she was stuck in the baby swing! After 15 minutes of prying her thighs centimeter by centimeter she is finally free!!! She really didn't like it when I told her she's stuck but I'd bring her food.



At least Bryan is safe, and we have insurance!


Ducks for breakfast!

Apparently the ducks like our front yard! At least we finally got rid of our old hamburger buns.



We have successfully hatched a butterfly. You probably can't tell but it is in it's cage, sitting on a paper towel full of sugar water. The weird thing is the red mark on the bottom of the cage right underneath the chrysalis, after birth??? Weird!


I love coloring eggs!

This year Addy invited her friend, we had a lot of fun!



What a weird invention!


It's time to lower the crib. She also decided to learn to crawl up the stairs today!


I love spring!

Every spring it never fails I come up with a project for the year. This year I decided I wanted to change all of our flowerbeds! Bryan is so excited he can hardly stand it.


So much for fresh air

I thought Rylee was outside playing on her scooter, when I went to check on her, here she was! She had climbed into the car and was messing around. At least it wasn't hot and it was turned off.


Kayla almost made it out of the fort my grandma made for her to sleep in, unfortunately she fell asleep first.


The worst part...unpacking

We had a BLAST in St. George over spring break but man do I hate unpacking and catching up on laundry!

5 hrs in the car...

Will do wonders for my fuzz buckets hair.


How cute

I just love the way babies fall asleep. Apparently while awake she was kicking back and relaxing with her feet up on her bumper and taking care to cover herself before her nap. Or maybe it was the screaming and thrashing that was involved that caused her to end up this way. Either was I think she looks super cute!

Bryan's derby car (truck)

He would have came in second but there was only a first place. He filled it full of c batteries to weigh him down


Happy St. Patty's Day!

Hopefully you were lucky enough to have a leprechaun sneak into your house and do some naughty green tricks and accidentally leaving behind a few coins and magic dust where he performed his tricks! What a mystery!!!


Worth it for sure!

Wow! I've always considered spending big bucks for a good straightener but never thought I could justify it. I finally did, I broke down and bought a Chi and it did an amazing job even on Rylee's little fuzz bucket!


She can be sweet!

Kayla is sitting up so well now. She is also being a good little girl while I cut vinyl for some people. She's fascinated with the sticky back of my transfer tape.


Clarke Planetarium

Sweet Martian face Addy and way to move right as I took the pic Kayla!


Hope Crayola was right!

I read that it should wash off without a problem, I'm crossing my fingers that it will!


I love my cousin!

Benson was kind enough to help me put on his hat over and over and over again!