To Blog or Not to Blog...That is the ?

I have recently heard about some horrible things happening to parents who innocently printed pictures of their children and the worker printing those pictures turned them in because those pictures had some of their kids private parts. Long story short their kids were taken away for a month while they were being investigated. HORRIBLE HUH!! They said that the result would have been much worse if the pictures would have been on the internet instead of printed. Who hasn't taken a picture of a nasty diaper or of their kid playing in the bath. We all try and cut out all of the parts but it doesn't always necessarily happen...
Besides that incident I have been considering not blogging just because I never keep up on it and it has become almost a chore instead of enjoyment. I love keeping in touch with everybody but is it really worth the risk? I am heavily considering getting my last couple years of blogging printed into a book and then just dedicating more time to my digital scrapbooking instead of blogging.

If any of you have an opinion or a great place to get my blog printed please let me know.