Rylee Bylee & Lobster

This is Lobster, Addy's Valentine from Grandma Gayle.
We will give you updates on her hair growth as it progresses :)

Rylee has started to become a little bit of a pain. She is VERY mobile and is into EVERYTHING! I went into the kitchen today to find her in the middle of a pile of Teddy Grahams, just chomping down on them. The other picture is of her eating her Mac and Cheese for lunch. Of course she had to rub it all over her face and stick her finger into her ear!

I'm having so much fun!

So, me and Bryan made a deal- we decided to split our state return in half so that we could get whatever we wanted, no questions asked. I think that I made a WONDERFUL decision with my half, a Cricut Expression!!!!!! I am having so much fun playing with it. I love doing crafts and this will definitely help me enjoy my crafting. This is one of my first crafts that I have created for Keisel Kreations. Leave me a note, let me know what you think.
Oh, I also added this to my newly painted bathroom.