Sundays, Our Favorite. . .

Sundays are wonderful days. They are even better if you don't have kids to juggle at church, so you can enjoy the day. Today was kind of a silly day. I was very nervous about going to church because Bryan was working so I was going to be taking the girls by myself for the first time. I was making all of the preparations. I started early so that we could be on time. By 11:00 I had got all three of us showered and our hair done. At 11:30 we were eating lunch. By 12:15 I headed upstairs to get all of us dressed. I was so excited because we were actually going to make it there by 1:00! And then I started to get Addy dressed (kind of).

Addy and myself went into her bedroom. I picked out a dress and asked her if that was what she wanted to wear, she told me that she didn't want to wear anything. So I told her that was what she was wearing. Then I asked her to come over so I could put her dress on, she told me "no" and continued to play. Then I pulled her over to me and told her to stand there. She plopped onto the floor. She would not stand up, I think she temporarily turned into slime. I couldn't get her to tighten a muscle in her body. Every time I tried to get her to stand up she would just go limp. After some disagreement I finally got her dress over her head. Which in turn, she ripped off and threw across her room. Then she got in trouble and finally let me put her dress on.

At this point we now only have about 15 minutes before church starts. I left Addy in her room and headed to get me dressed. I got myself ready and headed downstairs to get Rylee into her clothes. As I walked by Addyson's bedroom I noticed how quiet it was, so I peeked in. She was out like a light.

At that point I had no other choice but to throw my arms in the air, change out of my church clothes and say "at least I tried!"

2 hours later

When Addy woke up she came downstairs in her church clothes and said she was ready for church. I told her that she had slept through church and that it was over. At this point she cried and told me that it wasn't over and that she wanted to go.

Yes, we have had another wonderful Sunday; we have slept, fought, cried, and laughed.
(I had asked her to put on her white church shoes before her nap. After her nap she explained to me that her white flower shoes were dirty and that she needed to wear her black shoes.Don't they match her dress well.)

He Did It!

Bryan with his parents, Carol and Steve.
They are a great support.

Doesn't he look cute.

I just wanted to tell Bryan how proud of him I am, he graduated!!!!!


We have been waiting a few years for this day. Bryan has worked very hard and deserves his diploma. He has had many challenges while going to school between cutting his hand, working full time, having 2 children, and worst of all- being married to me. I am very happy that he never quit and kept pushing along even through the hard times.


We love you Daddy!

The Latest Quirk

Addyson has a new little quirk, it is called "yelling back." As a mother your favorite thing to hear is, "I'm sawee momma." I love to hear Addy say those words as long as it isn't preceeded by her yelling at me. She has now started to yell back if she doesn't want to do something. After she yells, I usually look at her and ask her if she just yelled at mommy. That is when I hear those 3 adorable words and her eyes fill up with tears. I am sure this is only a phase but this phase better not last too long. Yelling or not, I love that little stinker.