A few of her favorite things

Kayla loves to steal her sisters' slippers and wear them around the house. She also LOVES to give out scuzzy looks if you can't tell.


The other peeping Tom during my shower

Santa going to the bathroom. This is incase he has to take a potty break at our house. I am supposed to leave the shower curtain open so he can see it and laugh. Yes, the big circle with a line through it would be his rear end. Addy informed me that Santa is fat so he has a really big bum!

Those were the days...

When I didn't have to shower with a GIGANTIC picture of Addy staring at me the whole time. Kind of an uncomfortable feeling. Yet, I am impressed with Addyson's artistic abilities.


Tis the season

This pile of stuffed animals is ridiculous!! So, to help take care of some of the clutter we talked our girls into donating a bunch of stuffed animals to the less fortunate. I am so grateful for this time of year and love when my girls enjoy doing different forms of service.