Such a good baby

Kayla is a good eater compared to my others. I couldn't nurse Addy so she was only a bottle baby. Rylee would never take a bottle no matter what we tried so when I went back to work I just had to put her on cereal. And then there's Kayla, so far she does both wonderful! Bottle 8-4 and me the rest of the time. She sure does like to spit up though!


Man I'm cute!

Especially when my mom actually gives me a bath and gets me dressed!


Hopefully looks aren't deceiving!

It looks delicious, haven't tasted it yet but so far it's more successful than last time.

Wish me luck!

I love making bread but my mom got a wheat grinder so now I have a new challenge, wheat bread! I think my mom has perfected making it but mine doesn't seem to work when I make it at my house alone. Maybe because I'm juggling kids while I make it, maybe because I don't measure super careful, who knows. Hopefully it works better than last time. Right now I'm patiently waiting for it to grow.


I love when babies play with their feet!

What's cuter than a baby sucking on their toes? I'm glad Kayla's starting to enjoy her feet!

I need suggestions...

We are considering taking the girls down to Vegas for the monster truck finals but we aren't going to go unless we can find a decent hotel at a decent price. Any ideas? We don't want to be far from the strip or in a scary neighborhood.



Kayla was taking a nap and when I went to check on her she was awake just looking at the ceiling. As I proceeded to pick her up I discovered that while sleeping she spit up (erupted, is more like it) everywhere! If you can't tell this is her soaking wet Boppy, the nasty back of her clothes, the burp cloth that was by her, and the blankets that she was wrapped and covered in. Luckily, she didn't choke on it because there was a lot more than it looks like in this picture. I should have taken pictures of her ears, hair, onesie, not to mention the smell!!! Oh the joys of parenthood.