What a fun couple of days!

The week started by ditching our children and going to Speed Street Racing for Crystal and Natalie's birthdays. It was a TON of fun! I am definitely not a speed demon. It was pretty much Me and Natalie racing for 7th & 8th place and then the other 6 racing for 1st through 6th. Thank you very much mom and dad for paying for everyone so we could go and have fun. Thank you Grandma & Grandpa Keisel for watching the girls so that we could go.

"Most likely to get passed"

"Quick Keisel"- ya right

Our super cool racing names :)
Me- Quick Keisel Bryan- Pistol Pete Crystal- Crystal Lightning
Derek- Stroker Ace Natalie- Dalpias Dart Casey- Stallion
Mom- Goin' Gayle Dad- Flash
Aren't we so original :(

On Wed. I got a chance to babysit my nephews for a few hours, we had a great time.

Addy loves playing with Gunner and Trapper. I was very happy that nobody got hurt. They were going so fast down our hill that they would fly off the end of the slip 'n' slide into each other. Sorry about the background noise, they were using a jack hammer on our street.