We would like to say thank you to EVERYBODY! Thank you Grandmas, Grandpas, Great Grandmas, Great Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Neighbors, and everybody else. We are lucky to have such a wonderful group of people around us.

Here are the girls in front of most of their presents.

Crystal- thanks for the make-up, Addyson loves to put it on.

Bryan- Thanks for the Mandoline, I am an expert cutter now. (no you aren't seeing things, I cut all of those potatoes by myself)

Thanks for the mess everybody. Addy informed me that our house was a mess and that she couldn't even walk through our front room.
Where's Addy? The first 5 people to find her can win a special prize!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Christmas was wonderful this year!!!!

Merry Christmas! What a Great Day!

We had a wonderful Christmas!

No- our tree isn't on fire, it just kind of looks like it.

Addyson is such a corn dog, she put her hands up to her mouth and made a little gasp when she went downstairs and saw what Santa left her.
Addy was so excited, Santa brought her a doll house just like she had asked (it even has an elevator)

Rylee also enjoyed Christmas morning.

Addy was much better at opening presents this year, she flew through them.

Sorry it's sideways- Rylee stopped and played with most of her toys as we opened them.

Casey made all of the kids swords with his balloons that he got, they loved it.

Rylee liked hanging out with Grandpa Mike

Addy's First Haircut

Addy didn't really need a haircut but I thought that if I trimmed the ends that it MIGHT grow faster. Also, since she is three years old and hadn't had a haircut yet I felt it was about time.

Sorry, I selected the pictures backwards so read it all backwards if you care at all.


the small amount that I cut off

Addy holding super still, she did great!

Just getting started

Silly Girls!

Too much Rockband?


Just messing around