Here is a BUNCH of pictures so that I feel nice and caught up with our blog.

Addy and Spencer enjoying an Easter egg hunt at our house, sorry you were sick Trevor!

Some cute vinyl letters I cut out for my mother-in-law. Sorry it's sideways.
I got this cool program that lets me use ALL of my fonts off of my computer instead of having to buy all of the Cricut cartiridges, it is SUPER cool.

Addy- I just thought that I would let you know that sometimes she looks like Punky Brewster when we go to church, oh well, as long as we go, right?

Skiing- Addy's new winter past time. She has absolutely loved it every time. She does really well and loves to sing as she is going down the hill. I have a small video down at the bottom.

My spring blocks, I love them. Let me know if you would like some

Rylee's favorite past time- making a mess of everything.

Lobster- I don't know if you remember Lobster from a few posts ago but he needed a haircut and so Addyson performed this task. She did a great job, I think that he thought he was in the military after she was done.


Rylee LOVES to eat everything! It is usually this messy too!


Rylee loves the bath and so whenever she hears the shower she quickly goes into the bathroom and tried to crawl into the shower with you. She always ends up soaking wet because she doesn't give up until you are out of the shower.

Texturing the wall in my family room. There is a video with the finished product at the bottom. This is now my favorite wall in my house. Addy has quite a few pair of boy undies because you can't get Madagascar or Lightning McQueen in girls. Seeing that she has no other use she has turned the front of her underwear into pockets. Isn't that clever.

What Rylee did while we were refinishing the family room.

Bryan getting ready to primer the family room.

Lobster a few days before his haircut.

Painting the family room and Addy skiing with her Grandpa Barney. I really don't neglect Rylee and we didn't make her sit and walk in circles the entire time we did the family room, just a good chunk of time :)

Good job for getting down to the bottom of this post. I am sorry that some of the pictures are in a weird order, I am still working on mastering what order to load my pictures.

Have a great day!!!