11 Month Pictures

Happy Birthday Rylee! I can't believe that you are already one. It seems like just last week I was trying to figure out what I was supposed to do with a tiny, newborn baby. You have brought a ton of joy to your family, especially Addy- she LOVES her little sister. You have accomplished so much in your short time here, so far you can walk, talk, smile, laugh, clap, crawl (fast), love, brighten a room, cry, melt a heart. . . and more. I love how fast you are learning and growing. I love when you say, "mama" and climb up on my lap.

Good job on getting a tooth before you were one. (Her first tooth broke through yesterday!)

Hope you have a great birthday.

And for our two readers, I have a TON to post but I haven't had much time lately. Soon, I promise.