Tummy Time

Rylee doesn't mind tummy time. I think she thinks that she is ready to crawl, silly girl.

Pacifier Baby

I am proud to say that I am going to have a pacifier baby.

Still Funny

Addyson is still a "corn dog" although she has a little sister around.

She loves to jump although the doctor told us not to let her.

Potty Training

Addyson is still doing rather well with potty training. I am so happy that she hasn't regressed much since Rylee's birth. Today we were on my bed watching a movie and she got off my bed and said that she needed to go to potty. I was so happy she told me and didn't go on my bed. I told her to get her potty seat on and her stool and that I would be right in. I heard the potty seat being set on the toilet, I heard the step stool being set in place and then I heard her going potty, I was so proud. Then I walked into the bathroom. Everything was in place just like it should be, except Addyson. She wasn't on the toilet, she was standing in a puddle in the middle of my bathroom. DARN! I thought that we were really making progress.



Our view of Rylee at night.

Yipee! The doctor called with Rylee's results and said that she is only at a 14. That means that she has peaked and is going down quickly. She only has to be on the light "spatula" throughout the night. Tomorrow morning we get to call and have them come and pick up everything. We are very excited to be able to hold our daughter without a little "umbilical cord" coming out of her.

A little bit of a struggle

Rylee is having a little bit of a struggle but hopefully not much. Her jaundice count is a little high and so on Sunday they brought us a light "spatula" to keep her on. On Sunday her count was 15.6. On Monday, her count had gone up to 15.9. The doctor was very happy that the count had gone up such a small amount. He hopes that she is at her peak and will start to come back down. Today we have to take her in to get her count again. Depending on what the results are, she might be done with the light "spatula".
As for her weight, she is doing great. When we left the hospital she was down to 5 lbs. 10 oz. When I took her to the doctors on Sunday she was down a little more to 5 lbs. 9 oz. Then on Monday when I took her to the doctors she was back up to 5 lbs. 10 oz. Only a few more ounces to go and she will be back to where she started, yipee.

Just a few Pictures

She looks like a doll when she is in her car seat.

There is a little size comparison.
She actually looks pretty big because her legs are stretched out!

My two burrito babies.

She is a great baby, she usuallly only cries if she is hungry. I am sure that will change.

We Love Daddy!

Me and the girls just wanted to tell Bryan how much we love him. He is the best dad in the world. He is always willing to help with whatever any of us need. He doesn't complain when he has to go to school and work without any sleep and with pee or poo on his nice clothes. He always seems excited to see us even if as soon as he walks in the door I shove a child at him and say, "thanks." I need to tell him thank you and that I love him a lot more than I do. Addy is good at saying I love you and thank you to her daddy and I am sure Rylee will be too. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We love you and appreciate you, sorry we don't tell you more. You are wonderful!

How much fun is this. . .

This is so much fun having two kids. Most the time it actually is, last night was a little different. Rylee was ready to eat and Addy was ready to read books and go to bed. Of course, when daddy tried to read books with Addy that wasn't good enough- she needed mommy. So, when mommy tried to read books with Addy on mommy's bed while she fed Rylee, that wasn't good enough either. She needed mommy in her bed reading her books until she fell asleep. Luckily, Bryan talked her into letting him read until I was done and fortunately she fell asleep about five minutes before I got done.
--At this point it is now 10:00pm--
Then we all got a couple of hours of sleep and then the circus began.
--At this point it is now 2:00am--
I was woke up by my body telling me it was time to feed Rylee. As I proceeded to wake Rylee up and change her diaper, we accidentally woke up Addy. Instead of Addy walking into mom and dad's room to let them know that she was awake she just sat on her bed and cried (that's what Rylee does :)).So now I have two screaming babies. I went to talk to Addy while Bryan changed Rylee's diaper. I was able to talk Addy into coming into mommy's room so that I could feed Rylee. As for Bryan, he was having some difficulties. Rylee had peed and pooped three times since he had taken off her diaper. It was everywhere. Of course, she was still screaming because she wanted to eat. Addy had quit crying but she was wide awake and not ready to go to bed. All Bryan and myself could do is laugh. Once we finally got Rylee cleaned up, I tried to feed her. Once again all we could do was laugh. She is still getting used to breastfeeding, so am I. We had a mess everywhere. Rylee also thought that it would be hilarious if every time she could she spit everything back out.
By 4:14 am, we finally had both girls back to sleep. Addy was sleeping in my bed with Rylee and myself. Bryan was sleeping in Addy's bed. We had gone through 2 onesies, 4 burp cloths, 1 towel, 2 blankets and I need to change my sheets.
Wow! What a night, I am sure that there will be a lot more nights just like last night. Good thing I love these two (three) stinkers, their smiles make everything worth it.


Thank You Natalie!

I loved the little counters on my sister-in-laws blog so I copied her. I hope that is okay Natalie. Thanks for all of the technical support that I get from you and Casey.

Life is wonderful

Life is just wonderful! I have the most wonderful family in the world. My little family is so beautiful, especially my precious daughters. Addyson is slowly adjusting to having a sweet baby sister. She is really missing always having mommy's attention but she is doing well. She is a big helper and is more than willing to run and get whatever I need her to. As for Rylee, she is doing great. She likes to eat and sleep. We love when she eats because she is so small, we need to toughen her up. When we took her into the doctors today to get some blood drawn she weighed 5 lbs. 9 oz.

My extended family is also wonderful! Thank you so much for all of the love and support throughout everything. I love when you come and visit, it reminds me how much I love and appreciate you. I am sorry that I do not show it as often as I should.