Thank you!

I just wanted to thank all of Addyson and Rylee's grandmas and grandpas. You guys are so great. Addyson really loves to come and play with all of you. Thank you for always loving our children so much. She really likes to play with the Lincoln Logs at Grandma Gayle's.

2 Month Appointment

Today Rylee had her 2 month appointment. She was very good (and big). I was very surprised to see that she is already 10 lbs. 4 oz. Almost double her birth weight! She seems huge to me but she is still only in the 27th percentile. She was 22 inches long which is in the 33rd percentile. She is doing well. This is probably all I will see of her today because we are going to keep her drugged since she had to have 3 shots. OUCH!