Anyone interested??

I am thinking about doing a boutique this spring. Let me know if you are interested. I am going to wait until it is warmer so that we can all set up outside underneath shade gazebos. I am hoping that if we have it outside beside the people that we invite, we might also get some passer-by's since I live on a kind of busy street. I am hoping to get crafters, photographers, candle people, clothes people, book people, cooking people, whoever is interested!

Here we go!

Here is a little snap shot of what has been going on in my life. In no particular order. . .

Above- Our lovely tile pattern in my bathroom and laundry downstairs (we just finished them). Last Monday the appraisal people called and asked if they could come, Byran asked if they could give us a day or two because we had just finished tiling and nothing else was done down there. So, they were so nice and gave us a week. In that week here is what we ended up getting done. EVERYTHING!!!!

My garbage can

My cute soap dish

My rug


I love our wood paneling that we put around both rooms.

Our corner shower is just the right size for that bathroom

I like having the black and white vanity to wrap it all together

My laundry room wall, this is where I will have shelves for all of my food storage

My laundry room is a very nice size with a shelf to put all of my stuff on so that the kids don't get into it.

I love having these amazing rolling shelves that my father-in-law built.
THANK YOU for all of the help everybody. We had a ton of help from family whether it was actually working down there, teaching us how to do something, or watching the girls so that we both could head down there and work. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!

Next item of business: BUNCO. It is my month to host so here is a little sneak peak at the bunco prizes for this week. . . (thanks Chelsey for the help)

Rylee, Rylee, Rylee. . . She definitely is a different child. She is more even tempered than Addy but she definitely has quite a few little quirks. Some of her quirks 1) She will not take a bottle 2) She HATES formula 3) She won't sleep for more than 30 minutes in her crib (even after crying for 30 mins. to fall asleep) 4) She will eat baby food but would much rather "people" food 5) She likes to fake burp while she is eating 6) She thinks she is bigger than she is, she wants to be just like Addy 7) She likes to take off one sock and leave the other on 8) She LOVES to head-butt, she especially likes it when she catches you off guard. 9) She loves to click her tongue. 10) She likes to sneak up the stairs, if you start to go get her she laughs so hard that she falls back down. Those are just a few, I promise you that there are many more.

A few pics of her first SpaghettiO adventure. (of course, I uploaded them backwards and don't want to rearrange them)

Addyson loves being three! She realizes that she is a big girl now. She loves being in primary, thankgoodness. She never likes nursery. She also loves all of her new underwear and is usually doing great with all of the potty incidents. She loves playing with Rylee, especially wrestling with her and putting blankets over her head :)

Here's the lastest story that we have to remind her NOT to tell people-
One day she was at my mom's and proceeded to tell my grandma that she is Rylee's mom but that she cannot feed her because her boobers aren't big enough. A couple days later, after she got out of the bath, she was sitting in her towel on the counter as I was doing her hair and she realized that when she hunched over she could see a little volume to her chest. After making this discovery she said, "Look mom! My boobers grew! I can feed Rylee now. Don't worry, when she cries I will take care of her." I was asking her why she could feed Rylee and not her dad and she informed me that, "Daddy can't feed Rylee because his boobers are hairy, Rylee wouldn't like that." So, as you can see, this story is great to share with friends but I am a little stressed that she is going to go and say something at church or at the store!

After her first day in primary

Those of you that actually made it to the bottom of this post, congratulations! Leave a comment and if possible I will give you a little surprise!