Something New

I have added a couple links to our blog (hopefully I did them right). I have added a link to a blog full of scrapbook pages that I have recently done. I just started doing our scrapbooks digitally so take a peek. I also added a link to Casey and Natalie's business since tons of our family's cute pictures were taken by them. I also added a link to where I got my template and background because I have had a few people ask about it.


Willow Park

Addy had fun playing with Benson at Willow Park. They both were very good all day.


Addy loved everything about Easter. She loved all of the Easter egg hunts, dying the eggs, playing with cousins, and last but not least the Easter Bunny. She was so surprised Easter morning. I was downstairs painting and she woke up and snuck downstairs and started looking at her Easter basket without anybody knowing. We will definitely have to establish better rules next year.