Happy Father's Day! (early)

I decided that Bryan needed a picture of his girls for Father's Day, so that's what I did. Hope you like them.

Blessing Day

On Sunday we had the chance to bless Rylee. It was a wonderful day. We have such a supportive family that came to join us. Rylee was not happy during the first part of sacrament, luckily she stopped screaming in the microphone once Bryan started the blessing. Thank you to everybody that came over on Sunday!

One of our Nuts!

One of the nuts in our family is definitely Addyson. I was starting to do her hair the other day and I asked her how many piggy tails she wanted. She usually says one or two, not this day. She said, "eight." I asked her, "Are you sure? It's this many piggy tails. . ." as I proceeded to show her eight piggy tail holders. She said that she wanted all of them.

For those of you who forgot, Addyson has barely got enough hair for piggy tails. We have only been able to do them for a few months. She wasn't necessarily blessed with an instant head of hair.

So I decided to give it a try. We did accomplish to get all eight piggy tails in. As we went throughout our day, we got a LOT of funny looks. Addyson didn't seem to mind but I wanted to put a sign on her back that said, "This isn't normal, she wanted eight and I wanted to avoid a tantrum."