Rylee is pooped

Rylee was pretty tired after walking around her moms school to show off her Incredibles costume. She was really showing it during lunch


It's Official!

Rylee is definitely crawling. Addy is the only one that encouraged this, we didn't want her crawling so soon. This just means that she is going to be into everything! I think she looks so cute ( and little) crawling.

Kudos to Hooper!

Come join us, my famly along with Natalie, Carly & Bridger would love for you to join us on our Halloween adventure.

Just sit back and enjoy as you follow the lit pathway through this Halloween Wonderland.

Welcome to Halloween Hawaii

'Twas the night before Halloween

M R spiders
MR not
O My L MR spiders

DUCK! Wow, that was a close one. You really should watch out for those hanging skeletons!

What a cute family.

The PHANtom of the Opera was there, inside the park.

Eek! A haunted mansion, it even has a head in a glass ball talking AAHHHH!

Some other tourist enjoying this tour as much as you..

Ghosts, Ooooo. . .

Hurry stop her! She is getting away with all those puppies.

What a sight! Hundreds of luminaries scattered throughout the park looks really cool, don't you think.

Thank you for taking a stroll through this Halloween wonderland, I hope you enjoyed yourself. A special thanks goes to Hooper for setting up this wonderland.

Deer Hunting

Deer hunting was great this year. Anybody who knows us, knows that we love to go up there and spend time together and have fun. If we see any deer, that is definitely a bonus.

Playing in the dirt was plenty of entertainment for Addy and Benson.

Benson likes getting carried by his mom as we walked through the trees. Go Natalie, he must have been heavy!

Natalie, Benson and Addy went to look over the edge to see if they could see any deer.

Casey playing with fire, like usual.

Rylee enjoyed when she got to crawl around.

Addy loved piling up the rocks and putting them in a row. It was hilarious- when she had about 10 rocks in a perfectly straight row Grandpa would move one while she wasn't looking. She would walk past her row and immediately notice the out of place rock and put it back where it should be. This went on for quite some time. She is definitely a perfectionist, I hope this doesn't lead to OCD :)

Poor, poor Benson. He biffed it right onto his face. He was not very happy. He was even more upset because I wouldn't let Grandpa clean him up until I got a picture because his mom and dad were out hunting.

Addy loved playing with Grandma. She really liked when Grandma would walk up the hill with her.

Addy moving her rocks.

Addy also had fun playing in Grandma and Grandpa's new trailor.

How Much Fun Is This!

We had so much fun when it snowed! I just haven't got around to putting these on.

Our beautiful snow angel.

I love this picture because there is nice green lawn under the swing.

Carly came over to play for a minute. They had fun going down our hill.

When they got stuck on the hill Carly would always fall off. I think Addy's weight versus Carly's was the problem. Poor Carly.

Rylee also enjoyed going down the hill.

Look how deep the snow was!