What a Scrawny nut!

Rylee was so proud, she put her jammies on all by herself. Unfortunately, she's so skinny she didn't notice that her neck hole was around her waist.

One of our favorites!

You have to give it a try before you say no. SPAM Casserole. My family loves it. Cook your macaroni, mix everything together (cream of mushroom, ketchup, onion, grn pepper, grated cheese, spam, & cooked macaroni) add a little layer of cheese and throw it in the oven for about a half hour. I use dehydrated onions and peppers and just soak them while my macaroni is cooking. I also keep SPAM in my food storage just for this dish so I always have everything for this meal! This is a before pic hence the non melted cheese.

What a bus! The wheels on the bus go 'round & 'round...


Heard laughing from the bathroom...

This is what I found. I'm sure that spray bottle is nice and clean
along with it's contents.

Awesome dinner

I made this dinner for no real reason

If anybody is still out there....

I know that my posts have been a little crazy the last couple days, sorry. I have been trying to figure out how to do posts from my phone. I love having a blog but I HATE sitting down at the computer and typing forever because I get sucked into the blogging world and don't get anything else done. So after talking to Bryan I decided to do our blog again but it is going to be short and simple posts because I can do them from my phone. Then that way if I do happen to lose a whole years worth of pictures again, I still have something to show for the year. So, sorry for the psychotic posts but I am still getting a hang of using my iphone to do the posts.

I love doing my girls hair! Sometimes curly, sometimes straight.

Kayla doesn't have much hair to do obviously, but the other two are fun. Rylee's actually got hair curlier than Addy's but she thinks it's cool that she can get it put into ponytails. Addy's really isn't crooked, she tilted her head for the picture.