She Loves to Smile

I just wanted to let everybody know that Rylee loves to smile. She was a really fussy baby at first, things are finally changing. She still thinks that Mommy needs to be holding her all the time though.
I also need to admit something to everyone, I am one of those mothers who likes to dress their kids up in the same outfit even with the same hair things :) I know it isn't the best picture but what do you expect- they look pretty good for three hours of church with only mom because daddy was at work. (Rylee's dress really does fit her, it was just all pulled up)

Hopefully that's better. . .

Hopefully my blog is now a little more pleasing to the eye, last night it definitely wasn't. I got this cute little template from http://thecutestblogontheblock.com it was super easy, you didn't do it by changing the Html, you just added a page element.


Sorry my blog looks CRAPTACULAR I have been playing around with some different things and obviously it didn't work. Of course, as soon as I realized how crappy it looked, both of my daughters were awake so I had to stop playing. Hopefully today during nap time I can fix it, we will see.